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In a society where your son is often taught that winning is everything, Cub Scouting teaches him to focus on “doing his best” and being helpful to others, as expressed in the Cub Scout Promise and Motto.

Cub Scouting is a home and community-centered program designed to support families of boys in Kindergarten - 5th grades. Each Cub Scout learns to respect his home, country, God, and other people. The program also helps boys this age to:

  • Learn new physical skills through sports, crafts, and games.
  • Learn how to get along with others through group activities.
  • Develop new mental skills such as writing and calculating.
  • Develop personal independence.

As a parent, you want your son to grow up to be a self-reliant, dependable, and caring individual. Scouting has these same goals in mind for him. Since 1920, Boy Scouts of America has been weaving lifetime values into fun and educational activities designed to to assist parents in strengthening character, good citizenship, and physical fitness in their sons.

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